Wood Fencing

Due to Wood being a naturally occurring resource and abundantly available, it’s price for fencing tends to usually stay low and not scale like other fencing options.

The beauty of wooden fencing comes from the traditional and classic aesthetic it gives to a commercial or residential and is extremely versatile in styles. We offer many from a collection of styles, e.g., Board on Board, Shadow Box, Stockade, and much more. Our wood is pressure treated and hot dipped to prevent corrosion and bleeding. All our fences have been inspected and reach building codes.


Reasons to buy Wooden Fencing?

  • Wood Fencing is a perfect, affordable alternative to its metal counterparts
  • These fences can last for decades and are considered to be a valuable investment for your property due to the look they provide your home or company.
  • Wood Fencing is a very versatile type of fencing due to the fact that wood can be cut into almost any height and size or painted any color.
  • A traditional look acquired from wood fencing can increase property value, due to their function as an accessory to a home and protection they provide. They can help your home be distinct from other homes on the market when the time comes around.