Gate Operators

There are many reasons to install a gate operator to your home, some reasons include completing your fence, or additional privacy and restriction. We’ll help you come to your conclusion on the best results for your needs, whether it’s what material you should use on your gate, or types of gate operator, e.g., automatic, self-closing, self-latching, or swinging.

For commercial services we offer and suggest installing an automated gate opener and our access control systems for optimal access entry and security to a facility. Automated gate openers ensure that your service will have no interruption throughout a daily business and operate efficiently and effectively.

D & R Fencing is a top-notch leader of installing gate openers for commercial, residential, industrial, municipal fencing services for over 25 years. With our experience in the business, we have set up countless fences for customers with a well-trained, family-like, and extremely experienced staff to work alongside clients and install their gate operators.

If you have any questions regarding how your gate operators and access control system can function or a quote on how to get yours up and running today, contact D & R Fencing today and our staff will be ready and waiting to come to your assistance.